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Main objective
To enhance each Fnatic gamer's mobile experience, level up the overall performance of mobile teams, and engage authentically with the esports community.

This first-of-its-kind collaboration between a mobile manufacturer and an esports organisation represents a new generation of gaming and the growing significance of mobile within the industry. The partnership continues the integration of Fnatic Mode, an advanced gaming mode that transforms a OnePlus smartphone into a dedicated gaming powerhouse.


Fnatic and OnePlus have a shared spirit of constantly seeking to push the limits of what is possible through the best technology, performance and teamwork. We partnered with Fnatic to bring the best experts in esports together with the best in mobile gaming technology. Our partnership enables their teams to perform at their best, while driving us to constantly make our user experience better for our partners and gamers everywhere. We are huge fans of esports, and the tremendous impact esports have had around the world. We see a future where esports plays a greater role in the lives of people everywhere, and want to be a part of making the individual experience of all gamers better and better.

Eric Gass, Global Brand Partnerships Director, OnePlus


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Top brand partner in association with Fnatic (Q3 2020)


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