Last Updated: 2022-06-06

Fnatic Group | Social and Community Policy


Fnatic’s online community is at the centre of everything that we do.

We engage with our fans, and encourage them to engage with each other, in a variety of ways online.  This includes through the Fnatic ID Community, Fnatic App and our official social media and streaming channels (from here on, we’ll call these all ‘Fnatic Platforms’).

A visitor to the Fnatic Platforms should find an engaging and creative conversation about everything to do with Fnatic, esports & gaming, and a welcoming and accepting atmosphere. That is the ‘spirit’ of this policy, and the policy exists to ensure it happens.

Please note that if you post material on the Fnatic Platforms, you give Fnatic a broad right to use such materials for its own purposes, including to promote Fnatic and our community.

We may update this policy from time to time.


The policy applies to anyone who engages on the Fnatic Platforms, including:

  • posters on, and users of, Fnatic ID Community, Fnatic’s SubReddit, and Fnatic’s official Discord, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter channels; and
  • commenters and streamers on Fnatic’s streaming and VOD channels, including Twitch and YouTube.


  • Be responsible.  You’re responsible for whatever gets posted online via your accounts. Don’t share your log-in details with anyone else.  Also don’t post anything unlawful or which encourages unlawful behaviour.
  • Be respectful. Don’t engage in any conduct that you wouldn’t like if it happened to you.  In particular, don’t use hate speech, ethnic slurs, or post other obscene, threatening, harassing or discriminatory material. Don’t spam or troll channels. Respect also includes being careful in how you use information belonging to others - for example, never share information which is private or which you don’t have the right to use (such as another person’s intellectual property or personal data)

  • No harmful content.  Don’t post content that promotes terrorism, violent extremism, suicide, self harm, or that could be harmful to children or vulnerable adults (such as sexually explicit material, nude images, violent, graphic or age restricted content).
  • Be authentic. We’re all about promoting meaningful community engagement, so don’t spread misinformation, impersonate others (including anyone from Fnatic) or post anything for your own (or someone else’s) commercial gain.
  • Be positive. You have the right to an opinion - so does everyone else. Shouting down someone else does not improve the quality of the conversation - it limits it. Be constructive in your feedback.
  • Support others. This is your community, and the openness and growth of the community is dependent on everyone supporting each other. If you see someone exhibiting a behaviour which is contrary to these rules, do something about it.  You can contact us if you have concerns this policy has been breached at
  • Be smart. The internet never forgets, so use your common sense.


Fnatic's community is diverse. We are thankful and privileged to employ, be represented by, and be supported by people of all genders, sexualities, ages, faiths, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity is one of gaming's strengths, and the pursuit of diversity is fundamental to the achievement of our mission and vision. You can find our diversity policy at

We do not tolerate harassment or intimidation towards other members of our community on the basis of a person’s gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnic background, disability, age, material status,  pregnancy or maternity status, or their difference of political opinion. We remind our fans, and everyone who shares our pride in the Black and Orange, that there is more that unites us than divides us. Do your part to help us ensure that all members of the Fnatic community feel safe and welcomed.


Fnatic reserves the right to moderate the Fnatic Platforms using human and/or bot mods.

If Fnatic has reason to believe that you have breached this policy we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to take any of the following actions (without notice, and without incurring any liability to you for any damage, loss or expense that you may suffer as a result):

  • ask you to remove or vary any content that we consider breaches this policy;
  • remove or vary any content ourselves that we consider breaches this policy;
  • temporarily or permanently suspend your access to Fnatic Platform/s (for example, by deactivating your Fnatic ID Account or by removing you from a Fnatic Discord server); and/or
  • remove certain privileges from, or add restrictions to, your Fnatic ID or other account;


If you have any questions about this policy or you consider that these rules have been breached, please contact