Last Updated: 2021-08-10

Fnatic Group | Speak Up

Fnatic is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity. However, all organisations face the risk of things going wrong from time to time, or of unknowingly harbouring illegal or unethical conduct.

To prevent such situations occurring and to effectively and responsibly address them if they do occur, we want to create a culture of openness and accountability so that people feel that they can speak up if something is wrong.

So, we’ve created this bot. This is a space where you can anonymously report any concerns or complaints you may have about Fnatic, a Fnatic employee or a party in business with Fnatic. These concerns or complaints could be about safeguarding, discrimination, harassment, bribery or relationships between employees.

If you’re not sure whether to report something - perhaps something just seems a bit ‘off’ - please complete a report anyway.

If you have any questions, please contact


This way to the bot