Fnatic x Lamzu THORN

4K Special Edition

This product is no longer available for sale

Fnatic and Lamzu have partnered to release a 4K Special Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse of the highly anticipated THORN. This new vibrant FNATIC orange colorway of THORN includes the same high-end specs and quality of the base model offered by Lamzu.

  • 4K Polling for smooth responsive gameplay. (Dongle included)
  • Epically light at only 52 grams!
  • Optical switches for crispy clicks and fast actuation
  • Latest Pixart 3395 flagship sensor
  • Upto 80 hours of battery life
  • Already in use by our pros
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Chronicle, a 3x Valorant Champion, loved the mouse so much that he couldn't wait for the official launch to begin using on the biggest international stage.


This mouse comes with a supercharged 4K dongle included in the box!

4,000Hz polling allows for smoother, more responsive gameplay and is especially useful when using higher refresh rate monitors.


This is one of the lightest ergonomic esports mice out there at only 52 grams.

You'll be able to move faster, have more control, and react faster. It feels super light, yet it's extremely strong without any visible holes to keep a clean look.


The optical clicks are crispy with minimal debounce delay required. This means your mouse is free from double-clicking and click latency is as fast as can be.

Our optical switches are rated longer than traditional mechanical switches which means a longer lifespan.


You get up to a solid 80 hours of battery life with 1,000Hz polling, which is perfect for long gaming sessions over multiple days.

A longer battery will help make sure you never run out of battery in the middle of that important match, but the charging is up to you!


The Pixart 3395 is the latest high-end sensor on the market that includes MotionSync. This technology allows for smoother and more accurate mouse movements to optimize your gaming experience.

Built for pros, approved for all Gamers 🎮

We believe that real esports peripherals aren't designed in the boardroom, but by those who know better. That's why we leveraged the desire and aspiration among gamers to level up and designed our gear with first-hand feedback from some of the best pro players of the esports generation. We hold ourselves accountable to create products that withstand the toughest tests and represent excellence within gaming.

Fnatic x Lamzu

As the world’s leading esports organization since 2004, Fnatic is committed to driving performance and winning trophies. We collaborate with professionals to develop our own line of gaming peripherals, ensuring the best possible experience for gamers.

Lamzu is a new company that is making waves thanks to its incredible attention to detail and pursuit of quality and performance. With the introduction of the THORN, Lamzu is poised to continue its well-earned success. Lamzu is also known for its Atlantis mouse lineup.

Together, we have extensive experience in product development, design, and a deep understanding of the esports scene.


I love a lightweight mouse, as I feel like I have more control on stage. 52 grams is perfect!



- Forbes


The Lamzu x Fnatic Thorn can be used via a wired USB or wireless 2.4GHz connection and is compatible with most systems that support USB 2.0 and above. Customising mouse settings is not yet supported on MacOS but you can still use the mouse via wired USB and wireless 2.4GHz connections.


What is difference between the Lamzu THORN and the Fnatic THORN 4K Special Edition?

The Fnatic THORN 4K Special Edition has the 4K dongle included in the box which the Lamzu THORN does not have.

The Fnatic edition also has a unique orange colorway which stands out from the crowd!

When does the Pre-Order open?

The Pre-Order opens at the 28th of September 2023, at 16:00 GMT.

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What is the expecting shipping time for the Pre-Order?

Shipping starts from our Amsterdam warehouse at the end of October / early November 2023.

What’s in the box?

THORN mouse, 4K wireless receiver (dongle), charging cable, extra set of skates, bottom sticker, grip tape, cloth carrying bag, and Getting Started guide.

Does this special edition THORN include the 4K dongle/receiver?

Yes! The 4K receiver is included with the FNATIC x LAMZU THORN 4K Special Edition.

Is the surface coated?

Yes. THORN has a chalky or matte smooth surface which enhances your grip. It is ideal for both dry and sweaty hands.

Does THORN support MotionSync?

Yes. MotionSync can be turned on or off via the software.

How long is the warranty?

2 years

Who are LAMZU?

Lamzu is the company behind the Atlantis, Thorn, and Maya mice and Energon mousepad. They are based out of China and are known for their high quality, no nonsense peripherals.

Can the mouse still do 1,000Hz polling rate or am I stuck at 4,000Hz?

THORN comes with 1,000Hz as default out of the box. You must download the THORN software and toggle on the 4,000Hz polling rate option.

What is 4,000Hz polling and how is it different from 1,000Hz?

A 4K polling rate sends four times as much data to your PC than a 1000 Hz polling rate, resulting in more accurate, responsive, and smoother mouse movements. A higher polling rate can be beneficial for gamers who need to make fast movements, like in competitive shooters. You can toggle between the two modes via software.

Can I use THORN with FNATIC OP?

No. THORN is not compatible with FNATIC OP. You will need to download the software from the LAMZU website.