USB Soundcard

7.1 Virtual Surround Sound

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Upgrade your headset with the XP USB Soundcard with the 7.1 Virtual Esports Gaming Surround Sound. Amplify your audio and control your sound and microphone levels directly at your fingertips. Toggle 7.1 Surround Sound with a press of a button.

(Headset not included)

Fully supported by Windows 10 and suitable with 3.5mm audio jack devices only.

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Does the 7.1 Sound card work on consoles or Mac?

The 7.1 sound card is currently supported by Windows only.

Does the 7.1 sound card need any program to be installed before use?

Our custom virtual 7.1 is built into the powerful XP USB sound card and is completely plug and play. You don’t need any program to use it on your Windows computer.

How can I activate the 7.1 sound card on my Windows PC?

When you connect the sound card to your USB on the PC and then with your Headset, to activate the 7.1 surround sound you just need to click on the 7.1 Button which is based between Volume for the headset and the Microphone respectively. If the orange colour is glowing on the 7.1 button, this means that the feature is on.

Can the 7.1 Sound card be used on other headsets?

7.1 Sound card is only compatible with React/React+ and is supported by Windows only.