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Veronica Langø

My name is Veronica, but also known as msvosch or just Vosch online.

I’ve been a content creator for FNATIC for over 4 years now - and it really feels like home. I’m 27 years old and live in Trondeim, Norway.

I’ve been streaming since 2019 and mostly focusing on gaming related content, but also some IRL / Just Chatting. The game I'd call MY game is definitely VALORANT, I’ve played it since beta and I'm still obsessed.

I grew up with gaming around me and the first games that made me addicted to this world were Sims2, Crash bandicoot and World of Warcraft.

My family has seen how much gaming means to me, and I feel very grateful that they’re also supporting my streaming career and even joining the streams!


I started streaming due to a heartbreak in 2019, gaming was my only resource that made me slowly get over it - and I decided to stream for fun and with little to 0 clue about what journey I was about to start.

I had just moved into my own apartment and decided to invest in a proper gaming setup after playing on a tiny Macbook air. I bought everything from a PC to a web camera. I had placed my setup in my (very small) hallway, which made it almost impossible to enter my bathroom without climbing over the chair. My first stream was very exciting and I was so nervous. The stream could not hear any in-game sound or anyone I was talking to, but they still found that funny and interesting enough to stay.

Within a week I achieved Affiliate, which I didn't really understand much of, but it was exciting either way. I only played World of Warcraft and managed to get lots of friends because of it. After 1,5 months of streaming I decided to switch the language and only speak English after getting a few international viewers.


Late november I decided to apply for Partner mostly as a joke because I was so new to the platform. 3 days before my birthday in December, I got accepted!

Over the new years I felt like I was struggling to find a goal streaming wise, I would never have pictured everything to go this fast, and on top of that - I was getting burnt out from WoW. Little did I know that my now favourite game VALORANT would come out and shortly after FNATIC wanted me to join the network. I was feeling the drive again. 2022 I realised I might be able to live off this - and decided to quit my job to mainly focus on the stream, I’ve been doing this full time since then.

Since this I’ve managed to become a content creator for Riot, hosting watch parties and travelling the world for tournaments. I’ve grinded the game so much I finally managed to reach immortal. I’ve managed to be a host for Norway's biggest the Broadcasting Corporation. I’ve managed to get SO many friends around the globe. Streaming has changed my life and I feel very thankful every day to be able to call this my job.


  • Became Partner on twitch after 3,5 months of streaming
  • I’ve studied Sign language and then Sports management in Australia
  • I peaked Immortal in VALORANT and 2,4k in 2v2 Arena in WoW
  • I’ve been on a reality show that got filmed in South Africa for a month
  • I’ve been a host for NRK
  • Decided to focus more on YouTube and became YouTube Partnered
  • If i didn't start streaming - I have no clue about what i would do in life. Got a passion for home decor, so most likely still worked with that.


2019 august: Started streaming

2019 august: Got Affiliate

2019 december: Got Partnered

2020 april(?): Joined FNATIC