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Hey, my name is Konstantina or Konsti for short, also known as SweetBlood4. I’m 25 years old, I was born and raised in Germany but I'm from (& currently living) in Greece. I started gaming when I got my laptop back in 2012 and haven’t stopped since. The games I got hooked on were CS:GO, which taught me how FPS works and how much I love the operator, and Legends of Runeterra, which was my first TCG and comfort game. When Valorant came out, I had a feeling it would’ve become my favourite one.

After graduating, working 9-5, getting the equipment I wanted to complete my setup, I quitted to play it full time & stream. It was the right time to finally chase my dream, becoming a professional Valorant player and streamer. To have my family, friends and supporters watching me on the big VCT screens someday.


When I started streaming in 2019, I didn’t have a pc yet so I used to go to the internet cafe in my city. Time used to pass by so fast without me realising, I would go in the evening and come home late at night. I really enjoyed meeting people and playing together. After getting incredible support from my community, I was able to build my first ever pc. The rest is history. Despite studying, working, life-ing, I always made sure to make time for the stream. What more can I even say, it became part of my life, of myself. In 2022, Fnatic saw my application and actually responded back, which ‘til today I still am speechless.
Now, after all, I dedicated myself to streaming. I want to make people smile, inspire them, and share with them my love for gaming and specifically Valorant. Without them and their support, I wouldn’t be here where I am today. I will always be so grateful for that. I was able to turn my passion into a real thing, become a better version of myself, prove to my parents that this was never “just a phase” and it’s where I truly belong.


  • I speak besides English, Greek and German fluently
  • I’ve studied German Language and Literature in Greece
  • I used to play the piano for 4 years
  • I peaked Ascendant in VALORANT and hit Masters 13 times in Legends of Runeterra


  • 2019 august: Started streaming
  • 2019 august: Got Affiliate
  • 2020 july: Hosted “All FPS On Deck” by Battlenet Gaming Stations
  • 2020 september: Participated in “Gamers Can! Charity Stream” by Battlenet Gaming Stations
  • 2022 january: Joined FNATIC as a content creator
  • 2023 october: Attended Gameathlon
  • 2024 march: Hit 10k Followers on Twitch