PRO KIT 2023

Fnatic in Pro Kit 2023

Introducing the
2023 Pro Kit Jersey!

We've been working hard on this one, and we're pumped to finally share it with you.
Rock it everywhere, whether you're cheering in the crowds or just hanging out with your friends!

A bold statement

The jersey features a disruptive dazzle camo design in Black, Orange and Grey and White Logos. It's designed to be worn both as part of your everyday outfits and/or when you're cheering for the Black and Orange in the crowds. The fit is the same as BOLT and Orange jerseys's but the new material makes it more comfortable than ever before!

We've introduced a new fabric for our jacket and jogger that stretches more, but still offers the same great fit. The jogger is more comfty than previous versions, so compared to standard clothing sizes we do recommend sizing up for this one!

A new high quality fabric
Amazing fit, amazing feel
stretchier and comfier

as worn by you

PAIIN198cm tall - XL
YAZMIN163cm tall - L
LAWRENCE188cm tall - XL


What’s the difference between the 2022 Pro Kit and the 2023 Pro Kit?

Sizing - Pro Jersey 2023 is the same size & fit as the BOLT Worlds Jersey and Birthday Orange Jersey. It’s more comfortable than the 2022 Pro Jersey. Pro Jacket & Pro Jersey have different sizing than the 2022 Pro Kit collection, please consult the size chart before buying. Compared to other brands, you should size up.

Supplier - Pro Kit 2023 is made in Turkey instead of China and the new supplier uses different materials for production, so the feel should be improved.

Material - Pro Jacket and Pro Joggers are now fully polyester (compared to nylon in 2022), which means they’re more stretchy and comfortable. Our fans provided feedback which we happily took into consideration for the new collection. Joggers and Jackets are now similar to 2018 and 2019 pro kits when it comes to material.

Can Fnatic Members claim their 2023 jersey right now?

If you are a Pioneer Key Holder your claim window for the 2023 Pro Kit will be coming in February so definitely check out the Joggers or Jackets to complete your look. Members will have 2h of early access to do so.

Is the Pro Kit 2023 a pre-order or does Fnatic ship regularly?

Pro Kit 2023 is not a pre-order, it’s available at our warehouse and will ship regularly: 1-2 business days for non custom items, up to 10 business days for custom items, although we tend to produce and ship those out faster.

How long will the Pro Kit 2023 be available for purchase?

Pro Kit 2023 will be available for purchase on Fnatic Shop as long as the stock lasts. We will have regular restocks, but due to high interest it might run out of stock fast.

Can I add my name to the Pro Kit 2023?

Yes, you’ll be able to add a custom name to the Fnatic Pro Jersey and Fnatic Pro Jacket. This year we changed the letters’ colour from orange to white due to the 2023 design, hope you like it!

Who will have early access to buy Pro Kit 2023?

Fnatic Core and Pioneer Members will have 2h of early access. Afterwards, the Pro Kit 2023 collection will be available for everyone to buy. Fans who signed up to get notified will be notified immediately when the general sale starts.

Will I be able to use discount codes on the Pro Kit 2023 collection?

Members’ discounts (Citizen, Core, Pioneer) will be applicable to this collection. Any other discount code won’t work in the checkout for the Pro Kit 2023 items.