One Championships Kit. Four teams.

It's time to unite our fanbases across the world, fusing together as one big Fnatic family. The 2023 Championships Kit is crafted for those honoured to play on the biggest stage, whether it's VCT Champions, LoL Worlds, ALGS Championships, or CS Major. This jersey is for those who persevere, those who defy expectations, and those who aim to conquer the biggest stage.



2023 has been the year of Fnatic Valorant.

On Saturday 4th March 2023, FNATIC were officially crowned the first-ever Valorant LOCK//IN Champions after battling it out with the most elite teams from across the world.

A couple of months later, in June 2023, FNATIC is taking home yet another major Trophy from VCT Masters Tokyo. Back-To-Back, undefeated.

One of the tournament favourites coming into VCT Champions and Fnatic is looking to take home another trophy.


One of the org's oldest and most successful teams, Fnatic's League of Legends team is a powerhouse in esports. From winning the first-ever League of Legends World Championship in 2011 to seven European split titles.

After a not-so-successful Winter and Spring Split in 2023, Fnatic added Noah & Trymbi to the starting roster. Fnatic have found new success making it into the Season Finals, and are looking to secure a place in the Worlds Championships held in South Korea.


With numerous top-tier finishes in prestigious tournaments like the ALGS Championship and the GLL Masters Spring, Fnatic has proven its prowess as a force to be reckoned with in the Apex Legends competitive scene.


Fnatic’s CS:GO team is one of the most successful of all time. In our invincible period in 2013 to 2015, we picked up three Major titles and dominated every tournament with a core of Swedish superstars. Despite being in the game for a long time, Fnatic’s core CS:GO lineup is still one of the world’s most feared.

With the recent additions of Dexter and Afro, Fnatic is looking to recoup their previous success.