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Our first-edition Pioneer lootbox has arrived, full of exclusive Fnatic products that have never been released anywhere in the world.

Pioneer Key Holders will receive a lootbox like this and a Fnatic Pro Jersey EVERY YEAR you hold the key, alongside loads more perks. Yep, you read that right.

Pioneer Flag

The limited-edition, Pioneer-only Fnatic flag. Flaunt your fandom in style.

Pioneer Key Necklace

Our Fnatic stainless steel pendant and chain are the ultimate fan accessory for this year. It was about time we created some god-mode jewelry.

Limited Edition Pioneer T-Shirt

Your very own lifestyle tee made from high quality fabric and not publicly available anywhere.

Pro-Player Signed Polaroids

A unique collectible for Fnatic fans; each box contains a signed Polaroid picture from one of our Pro’s.

USB-Powered Fnatic LED Sign

Our first ever USB-powered Fnatic LED sign. Set any room in your house to Fnatic-mode and glow it up orange.


If you’re already a Pioneer Key Holder, you can claim your loot box HERE. And if you haven’t grabbed your Pioneer Membership yet, there’s still time!


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When can I claim my loot box?

From the 14th of November 2022 until the 21st of November 2022, all Pioneer Key Holders are able to claim a Fnatic Lootbox.

When will the box ship out?

We're sourcing some of the coolest items with high quality for you, while being cautious about the carbon footprint we leave behind. Therefore the delivery of certain items takes longer and we should have all the Pioneer Loot Box items packed and ready to ship out in January 2023.

Are there shipping costs?

No! Fnatic will cover the shipping costs for your Loot Box claim.

I have more than 1 key, how can I claim?

Each Pioneer member is entitled to a maximum of 2 Loot Box Claims. E.g. if you own 2 Pioneer Keys, you can claim 2 Pioneer Boxes with the claim codes you'll find in your Fnatic ID. If you own 3 Pioneer Keys you will still only be able to claim 2 Loot Boxes.

Do I have to pay for the lootbox?

No, all you need to do is apply your claim code at checkout and you'll claim it without being charged.

I made a mistake in size and address. What do I do?

If you made a mistake during the claim of your Loot box, please contact our support immediately with the correct information and your order ID at

My code isn't working... What should I do?

If your code is not working, please make sure that you are on the right shop, if you're still having issues, please contact our support immediately with the code you received and your order ID at

What time frame do we have to claim this?

Claim Window closes on the 21st of November. So between the 14th-21st is the time frame to claim your box.