MAX Mousepads

Premium 6mm Poron Esports Mousepads

Two unique surfaces. Same premium craftsmanship.

MAX mousepads offer you the choice of two playing surfaces. Choose from Fnatic’s trusted and smooth FOCUS3 cloth for comfortable control or our new lightly textured DASH2 cloth for a well-balanced, faster glide!

Both MAX mousepads are available in striking shades of FNATIC orange and share premium construction, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Which one will you choose?


Slightly textured surface: Offers a balance between control and speed, suitable for various game genres.
Faster glide: Ensures smooth and responsive mouse movements for fast-paced action games
Sunset Orange: The surface is a a beautiful shade of orange to help bring some color into your setup.


Smooth surface: Ideal for pixel-perfect tracking and precise control, suited for competitive gameplay.
Enhanced control: Enables quick flicks and precise movements for superior in-game performance.
Sunrise Orange surface: A lighter shade of orange.