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Question to Samuelsson

nebukuro's avatarKingofKingzPioneer Key Holder@nebukuro01/12/2022

Question to Samuelsson

As far as I know Fnatic is the first team you joined. I would like to ask what did you do before and how did you came in contact with E-sport? And what lead you to join fnatic?

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SammeOfficial@Samme• 07/12/2022
Loading...Hello! Thank you for the question. I was just finishing my MSc in International Project Management, and worked at Volvo Cars. My dedication has always been CS, which I started to play around 2000. I started the very first academy team in CSGO, and pitched my idea to Fnatic. Carn gave me the chance to do it in Fnatic, and we did great in the academy team! A very fun time and we even won a few tier 2 tournaments. I only pitched my idea to Fnatic since Fnatic has always been my favorite team!
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KingofKingzPioneer Key Holder@nebukuro• 10/12/2022
Loading...@Samme Thanks for response! Great to hear that you could follow your passion. How was it to coach a pro team without previous experience in pro play, especially from the strategic point of view?