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Apex LAN London 2

Kaptiv3's avatarKaptiv3Core Key Holder@Kaptiv327/02/2023

Apex LAN London 2

Did anyone go the the first LAN and know what the best days to go are, especially if I wanted to see the boys in black and orange (cause ofc we gonna qualify)

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DavisCitizen Key Holder@Davissam• 08/05/2023
Loading...Late comment since I’m sad that I didn’t watch competitive at that point and missed the lan…
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DavardOfficial@Davard• 27/02/2023
Loading...Saturday should guarantee you see us, a lot of the friday thursday games are on a inaccessible b stage
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Kaptiv3Core Key Holder@Kaptiv3• 27/02/2023
Loading...@Davard Sounds like it’s Saturday and Sunday with some expensive trains and hotels :)
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YazzehhPioneer Key Holder@Yazzehh• 27/02/2023
Loading...I went to the first LAN! It was amazing and I will probably go again. If you want to watch the most games then Saturday is the best day to go as you get losers semis, winners finals and losers finals, so 18 games of Apex! Hope to see you there my dude!
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Kaptiv3Core Key Holder@Kaptiv3• 27/02/2023
Loading...@Yazzehh Yeah deffo sounds like the best idea, I’m tempted to use the rest of my student loan to go Sat and Sun and just stay overnight