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Fnatic make History in ALGS with the first ever bonus point

Lahm's avatarLahmPioneer Key Holder@Lahm04/02/2024

Fnatic make History in ALGS with the first ever bonus point

After an insane day, we finish off the last game with our 3rd victory, and make history by being awarded the first ever bonus point in ALGS for our dominance.

In the Pro League Regular Season and the Winners Bracket Finals of the PLQ, LCQ, Split 1 and 2 Playoffs, and Championship events, bonus points can be earned by Teams according to the following criteria:

One (1) bonus point will be awarded if the Team that finished in 1st place has a margin of victory of fifty (50) points or greater over the 2nd place Team.

One (1) bonus point will be awarded to any Team that wins 50% or more of their matches in a match series. For each match won over the 50% threshold, that Team will be awarded an additional bonus point.

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Avatar for KooHyN
KooHyN@KooHyN• 05/02/2024
Loading...This apex team is sth else
Avatar for MangoLoco
MangoLoco@MangoLoco• 05/02/2024
Avatar for Fnatic Sam
Fnatic SamOfficial@sam• 05/02/2024
Loading...What does the bonus point actually mean?
Avatar for KooHyN
KooHyN@KooHyN• 05/02/2024
Loading...@sam Well each game day the team that ranks 1st gets 25 points for the overall standings. Now we got 26 for that GameDay cuz they won 3 out of 6 games and got over 100 points in the respective GameDay. Check liquipedia for clarity.
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 05/02/2024
Loading...Where do we won that bonus point, I mean It's for ApacN or for the master/World ?
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 04/02/2024
Loading...Where do i can watch the ALGS??
Avatar for Lahm
LahmPioneer Key Holder@Lahm• 05/02/2024
Loading...@CATXALOTE Personally, I watch NiceWigg on Twitch, he watch parties basically every region and is insanely knowledgeable, also just so funny.
Avatar for Stu
StuOfficial@StuB• 04/02/2024
Loading...Great start to the ALGS campaign this year! Thanks for your support 🙏
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 04/02/2024
Loading...Siuuuuuuu lets fckin go!!!