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Englishman living in Australia since 2006, International Relations graduate and esports connoisseur. Black and Orange fan since 2011, have since become a Valorant addict, peaking Ascendant. Hit me up on Twitter to chat!

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Loading...OOO AAA EEE ⚡️
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Ooo aaa eee
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Loading...@walnutsftw Change, sure. Significant change? No way. I don't think this is an issue that can be talked about through a thread like this, so I'll just post a video that aligns with a lot of my beliefs and discusses the issues more in depth in a much easier format if you want to give it a chance. [youtube][/youtube]
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Loading...Valorant hooked me on release as a CSGO player for years before that. Something about theory crafting plays with abilities is far too fun while still having the same satisfying crunch when you headshot somebody in tac shooters.
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Valorant Or CSGO
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Loading...Power lvl wise Viper is the strongest, her utility is nuts, however you will rarely find a team that plays around its strengths, but if you can learn her well then you're a huge asset to every team. In soloq though, I legitimately just suggest playing duelist 🤣