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English man living in Australia that became a Fnatic fan in early 2011 through the League of Legends scene and has evolved over the years to support the team over a variety of games. Cyanide is still my favourite player to this day, but will support the orange and black boys across any game.

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Loading...90% JDG/TES finals - Have a bit of bias as I watch a lot of LPL, but JDG and TES are really strong. 50% MAD out in Play-Ins - I don't think this is that wild of a prediction, but EU isn't looking *Incredible* this year and with that, i think the format of this years Play-Ins with the extra seeds might prove to be too hard. - With this, I think there's a good chance no team goes undefeated in groups this year, such a strong list of teams. 10% ⁠Chiefs Esports Club qualify for groups - My dreams would come true
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Loading...i'm not Mini (Or related to Fnatic in any way) but I like to weigh in on these Valorant topics anyway since they are far and few between. i feel like it was a tough meta change for Fnatic as a team with the addition of Pearl that all of EMEA seemed to struggle with leading to a difficult tournament. in saying that, our struggles still led to a top 6 finish which is amazing so i'm excited going into the 2023 kick-off tournament to see how the boys have adapted.
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Loading...[Fnatic take down FPX 2 - 1]( and are the 2nd team to qualify for [Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2: Masters Copenhagen]( Was a good & close match with FPX, had me worried for awhile. Excited to see the boys go to Copenhagen and show the other regions what we've got, but for now, let's win this tournament!