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Megan Garner

My name is Megan Garner, some of you may know me as megsoundslikeegg! I am a content creator and streamer for FNATIC. I'm 25 years old and based in London, UK. I grew up around gaming but more as a spectator, I could watch people play all day long and found I could really immerse myself in the world of gaming. Growing up music was my passion and I thought I would one day become a singer/songwriter but in the midst of covid and the infamous lockdown I discovered my love for more competitive FPS games and came across VALORANT, this is where my love for gaming came to light.


I decided to stream on a whim one gloomy new year's eve in 2020. My first stream I chose to sit at my piano and sing, I hated every second of it as I was anxious when it came to performing. After 3 days in bed feeling sorry for myself I decided to give it one more try and chose to play GTA V, since this stream I have streamed consistently and have never looked back. I reluctantly started to play VALORANT on stream, as a humble bronze 3 gamer. I was incredibly nervous to do this as most VALORANT streamers I had watched were high ranks and I worried I would look stupid. I did in fact look stupid but this did not matter.

I quickly found a wonderful community and started to improve quickly. I found a passion in creating a safe open space for other female gamers and marginalised genders and knew I had found my home as a streamer. My stream is a community full of positivity, love and some of the most amazing, accepting, chaotic and hilarious people. Without them, I would not be here today. I still continued to stream horror games, singing streams, just chatting streams and get ready with me's. I loved the variety and being able to bring different kinds of entertainment to my streams but truly the VALORANT community stole my heart. In January 2023 I got Twitch Partner, signed to FNATIC and became a host for Charlotte Tilbury's Twitch channel. I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2023 brings and to be a part of this amazing community. I'm in my FNATIC era!


I ranked Bronze 1 in my first placement but my lowest VALORANT rank is Iron 3 and my highest is Ascendant 2. I am well known for my mean and extremely cool chicken dance I do on stream, I am not embarrassed easily! I taught my mum how to play VALORANT, you may know her as Mrs G. I met my boyfriend through VALORANT, we have been together for almost 2 years and live together, his name is Marcus AKA SoMarcus. I am well known for being a very loud supporter and have a strong cheer, keep an eye and an ear out in the arena's for future FNATIC games as you will definitely hear me!


  • Graduated University
  • Invested in my first-ever gaming PC
  • Started streaming
  • Started my TikTok


  • Ran and hosted two friendly female and marginalised genders tournament for charity
  • Travelled to Istanbul and Copenhagen with Riot
  • Hit 10k Followers on Twitch
  • Starting streaming with my mum, Mrs G
  • Hit over 75k followers on TikTok


  • Got Twitch Partner
  • Attended BAFTA game awards
  • Joined FNATIC as a content creator