Fnatic Moonryde


Dario Ferracci

Dario Ferracci aka Moonryde is an Italian Warzone creator. Moonryde was the first talent to join the main roster having come through Fnatic Network, our grassroots academy. He is considered to be the second biggest Italian creator talent and came #11 in the European Twitch Rivals (2020).


Fnatic LoL x Moonryde

Young Moonryde meeting the Fnatic League of Legends team!


Signed to Fnatic Network

Before joining Fnatic Network Moonryde was averaging around 800 viewers per stream, which showed his potential to entertain and interact with his fans. Signed under Fnatic Network, we helped Dario grow to an average of 6,000 viewers per stream, with his peak CCU reaching over 80,000.


Signed to Fnatic

Dario was the first creator to level up from Fnatic Network to our main creator roster!

Fnatic Network has given me incredible support when it comes to my development!
- Moonryde




Promoted from Fnatic Network


Main game

In July 2021, 36 teams of 4 battled for £30,000 in prize money at The Moonryde Invitational - powered by Jack Link's.

With just over 100,000 peak viewers, the first Moonryde Invitational was a success!