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CEO Founder, boomer gamer. Lover of life, kale, and unprofessional dj.
Started this thing 2004, omg.

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Loading...Omg epic! Thats so nice, he's the best, you gonna be pro in no time now hahaha [giphy]bOgCe8tZnKbLtLVfav[/giphy]
Fnatic SamOfficial
Loading...Well theres kinda 3 ways you can enter fnatic: 1. You could be an incredibly skilled gamer with strong interpersonal skills and ambitions to be the very best in the world, and go through trials with a team director/or be scouted by the team 2. You could be a rising streamer or content creator and be getting over 2-300 CCU to join our fnatic network, or over 1k CCU and have a chance to join our main roster in time. 3. You could be skilled and experienced in a role we’re hiring for which you can see at [fnatic.com/careers](https://fnatic.com/careers) where you apply and we’ll get back to you! Hope that helps ;) Your ceo
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Hey wasup!