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Iván Martín Díaz

Razork arrives from Misfits, a dagger in the dark who is sure to prove a menace to anyone foolish enough to challenge his presence throughout the Jungle.


Semifinals in first split

After a 2nd place finish in the regular season, we manage to take down G2 in the Upper Bracket ensuring Razork's first even Semifinal spot in the Black & Orange! Unfortunately, we fell short against Rogue in the Upper Bracket and lost to G2 in the Lower Bracket which ended our 2022 LEC Spring Split journey.


Fnatic X ASOS

During Spring Split, ASOS got the team together and gave them each £500 to spend on their online store, with the goal of kitting out one of their teammates in a fresh new outfit! Who had the best 'fit? Who griefed their teammates? Find out in ASOS Secret Stylist!


Favourite food


Second favourite role after jungle


Idol in League of Legends

EU Rookie of the Split

Spring 2020

Fnatic Teaches Noob

Razork decides to throw Pete into the deep end, picking him Zed in the Jungle. Can our Noob handle the heat? Watch Razork's episode of Fnatic Teaches Noob below!


When did you start playing League of Legends?

Season 1.

What Champion(s) did you start maining first?

Lee Sin/Zed/Bard/Rengar.

What are your favourite champions?