Marek Brázda

2-time LEC Champion Humanoid provides a strong and threatening presence in the midlane. Consistently one of the top midlaners in the league, he brings his team forward through dominant laning and winning crucial teamfights.


LEC Titles


2nd EU All-Pro Team


3rd EU All-Pro Team

Joined Fnatic

Marek joined Fnatic after winning 2 LEC Titles with Mad Lions, hoping to make the same impact under the Black & Orange!

Fnatic X ASOS

During Spring Split, ASOS got the team together and gave them each £500 to spend on their online store, with the goal of kitting out one of their teammates in a fresh new outfit! Who had the best 'fit? Who griefed their teammates? Find out in ASOS Secret Stylist!


Favourite food

March 14





Favourite champion

Season 1

Started playing LoL


When did you start playing League of Legends?

Season 1, because my brother was playing it.

What got you hooked on League of Legends?

The big amount of skill expression and outplay potential.

What champion(s) did you start maining first?

Zed & Yasuo, they looked fun!

Why did you choose your current role?

I liked AP casters and assassins.

If you had to roleswap, what role would you choose?

I would retire if I had to roleswap, every other role is boring.