Rainbow Six: Siege

Japan has been a critical region for us in Rainbow 6 since our inception in the title in 2018. This historic move represents one of our first major steps in our expansion into the Japanese region and market and we could not be more pleased to welcome Yura, Chibisu, Lily, Li9ht and Merieux; who will be joining long term player and Team Captain Mag, in representing the Black and Orange. Many of these players have been prominent competitors in the Japanese scene for many years.

FNATICが2018年にレインボーシックスに参入して以来、日本は我々にとって重要な国でした。今回の歴史的な動きは、日本の地域と市場への進出における最初の大きな一歩であり、長年プレイヤーでありチームキャプテンのマグと共に、ブラックとオレンジを代表するをYura, Chibisu, Lily, Li9ht、Merieuxを迎えることをこれ以上ないほど喜んでいます。これらの選手の多くは、長年にわたり日本のシーンで活躍してきました。

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"We are extremely excited to announce our acquisition of the first Japanese players under the Fnatic brand. With the injection of Chibisu bringing some new, young blood and being headed up by new Coach Phenomene they are eager to impress and leave their mark on the upcoming APAC North and Rainbow 6 Japan League and Championship."

Jayden Saunders - Team Director & Head Coach