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JET is a fast, low-friction mousepad maximizing speed while providing a uniform X/Y axis. The beautiful holographic design will stay clean and clear thanks to a liquid-resistant, non-coated finish.

The soft, durable, distraction-free, and high-quality stitch ensures a flat surface and fray-resistant border. This is FNATIC’s signature micro-knit stitch, a stitch above the competition.

Solid 3mm thick natural rubber is dense and provides a concrete gaming platform. The backing lets your arm and wrist rest comfortably on the mousepad.

LARGE: 465x372x3mm provides generous space for large mouse movements.

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NATURAL RUBBERTextured, dense natural rubber base provides you with the best grip. Non-slip on most surfaces.
SUPERB REPELLENCY Non-coated surface is resistant to water spills. Quick clean-ups to get you back into the action.
SPEED DEMONFast, low-friction surface maximizes speed while providing a uniform and precise X/Y axis.


JET has a holographic gradient surface that changes colour depending on how the light hits the surface.

The beautiful design will stay clean thanks to a liquid-resistant, non-coated finish. You can easily wipe your pad clean with the included micro-fibre cloth.


The JET mousepad's surface allows for a smooth, fast, and consistent glide for your mouse, making quick, reactionary swipes in-game easier to achieve.


The tightly knit stitch is among the most sophisticated found on dense natural rubber bases. Slimmer and more closely knit to the rubber compared to most competitors.

The low-profile stitch prevents interference to wrists or mouse feet when performing fast flick shots and large mouse movements.

Our anti-fray stitch is one of the most durable of any mousepad, securing the edges from lifting and guaranteeing the mousepad lasts.

DEVELOPED WITH PROSOur products are developed in collaboration with pro players to stay one step ahead of the competition.
FSC CERTIFIEDFSC certification ensures that healthy forests are maintained, and the rights of forestry workers and forest dwellers are protected.
PORTABLE & DURABLERoll up and take the JET with you to events, knowing it'll be protected and ready to go when you are.


How is it different from DASH and FOCUS 3?
  • DASH is a mix between speed and control. Not too fast, not too slow.
  • FOCUS 3 is a solid control pad. Control surfaces = mouse encounters more friction when moved along the surface. This can translate to a more precise and controlled aim.
  • JET is a speed pad. Speed surface = mouse encounters minimal friction when moved along the surface. Speed pads make quick, reactionary swipes in-game easier to achieve.
What games will benefit from JET?

Fast-paced games that need fast reactions times - Call of Duty, Apex, Valorant, OSU!.

What is special about it?
  • SPEED - JET is Fnatic’s first speed pad
  • MICROKNIT STITCH - JET’s stitching is just as good as DASH’s which has been praised for being one of the best of its time.
  • LIQUID REPELLENCY - JET has excellent liquid repellency
  • NATURAL RUBBER BASE - JET has a great natural solid rubber base which keeps it firmly on your desk
  • BEAUTIFUL SURFACE - JET’s surface has a spectacular holographic rainbow effect
Is JET liquid repellent?

Yes. JET is very effective at repelling water, other liquids, and oils thanks to its surface properties.

In high humidity conditions, the pad can be easily wiped down with micro-fiber/other cloth to absorb moisture.

How do I clean my JET pad?

Usually, a damp rag or towel should be enough to remove any excess debris or dirt from the surface of the pad.

- Use the included microfiber cloth to occasionally wipe away oils and debris from the surface.
- Use a damp rag or towel to wipe away.
- Use a 50% mixture of water and rubbing alcohol to clean stubborn messes.

- Machine wash your JET pad.
- Use a heat source to dry the pad.
- Use any corrosive chemicals to clean the surface such as bleach, ammonia, or Borax.

Can the JET pad be rolled up?

Yes. The mousepad can be rolled back up loosely and placed into the tube packaging for easy transportation. Be advised that you should never create sharp folds or creases as this could lead to permanent damage on the surface.

Will JET surface collect or show any oil stains or streaks?

The pores in the laminate surface of the JET are shallow and therefore don’t allow debris to become trapped as easily. The same goes for the oils your hands and arms secrete naturally. It stands out more than on a cloth pad because of the super smooth laminate surface, which is also iridescent.

Unlike similar mousepads with deeper surface pores that could lead to a hit to surface consistency and performance, JET’s surface will maintain its surface speed.