STREAK65 LP - White

Compact 65% Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The thinnest, fastest, and most compact gaming keyboard.

The STREAK65 LP is the fastest gaming keyboard with all the essential keys, while giving you ample room to swing your mouse. Now with ultra-durable doubleshot PBT keycaps, sound dampening foam, and a coiled cable.

It's the perfect gaming keyboard, refined by the world's best gaming professionals to bring out your maximum performance.

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TEXTURED KEYSGives you an even better feel when gaming or typing out that KPI report that was due last week.
PBT KEYCAPSMade with double injection moulds, our new keycaps are now denser and much more durable for that satisfying thock.
COILED CABLEThe brand new coiled USB-C power cable will sit pretty on your desk while minimizing cable clutter.

Superior Build

Aluminium construction

Solid Aluminium metal build whilst weighing a featherlight 420 grams guarantees durability and portability.

Optimised acoustics

We’ve added an extra layer of sound dampening foam to help with the overall acoustics of the keyboard.

Custom lubricated stabilisers

Our custom-moulded stabilisers come pre-lubricated, reducing rattle and inconsistencies, improving keyboard acoustics.

Brilliant RGB

Immersive lighting

16.8 million colours to choose from. Customisable in OP software, and saved directly to on-board storage. Two extra space bar LEDs flanking the sides of the switch.

Less keycap, more light

Custom FNATIC-designed keycap profile expels more lighting out of the side of the switch, and spreads it across the whole keyboard to brighten your desk set-up.

Coiled USB-C Power Cable

Coiled and ready

Coming in at a total of 1.8 meters in length, the braided exterior cable will sit pretty on your desk while also minimizing cable clutter thanks to the neatly-packed, yet extendable 16 centimeter coil.

It’s as simple as A to C

And unlike some other companies that are still stuck in the past, we know what people want, so of course our power cable has standard, non-proprietary USB-A to USB-C connectors.


The ultimate esports switch

Equipped with FNATIC low profile switches, the STREAK65 LP gives you maximum speed with just a 1.0mm pre-travel. This gives smooth, flawless keystrokes when gaming, allowing you to focus on your performance.

Switch ergonomics perfected

The low profile FNATIC switch is 35% lower than traditional mechanical switches. The height of the keys is reduced, allowing for a healthier, more natural wrist position, even without the use of a wrist-rest.

Loved by pros.

LEOProfessional VALORANT Player

I love the switches on the STREAK65 LP, because it's low-profile and the PBT keycaps feel great!

OSCARININTop Laner - LoL Main Team

I love the compactness of STREAK65 LP, it has all the features I need, and is easy to take to tournaments!

"The Fnatic STREAK65 LP is without a doubt one of the best gaming keyboards that you can buy right now thanks to its exciting mix of enthusiast-level attention to detail and gaming-focused features."


STREAK65 LP was shaped by our professional esports players to be exactly the keyboard they need to perform at the highest level.

"Maximum comfort with a compact design"

Rhobalas, Fnatic Creator



"It's the fastest keyboard I've ever used"

Mushway, Fnatic Creator


With Fnatic OP, our powerful cross-platform software, you can completely customise all of your Gear to make it as powerful as you are. Allowing for RGB control, mappable buttons, custom macros, unique actions and more.


The STREAK65 LP connects via USB as an HID-compliant keyboard and should work with most devices that support it.


What's the difference between ANSI and ISO?

The acronyms, ANSI and ISO, stand for two different world’s standards organizations. ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute, and ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization. These are both keyboard layouts that describe the size and position of the keys. These are different than the logical layouts such as QWERTY, Colemak, Dvorak, etc. ANSI and ISO keyboards differ in the size and orientation of the Enter key, Backslash, and Left Shift keys.

Can I use other keycaps with my STREAK65 LP?

We recommend using DSA profile keycaps as others are not ideal for low profile.

What’s the difference between STREAK65 and STREAK65LP?

STREAK65 LP comes in a white colour, and it has been upgraded with the coil cable, sound dampening foam, and PBT keycaps, whilst STREAK65 has ABS low profile keycaps.

Can I buy separate PBT keycaps for STREAK65 LP?

PBT keycaps should be available separately in the future, but no confirmed date or price just yet.

Will there be other layouts?

No. Only ANSI and ISO layouts will be available at launch. If there is enough demand for certain regions, we will consider providing those in the future.

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