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Siege mains (siege)

Dr1z's avatarDr1z@Dr1z12/10/2023

Siege mains (siege)

Who is your guys favourite and least favourite op to play on siege on both attack and defence

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wackUCitizen Key Holder@wackU• 13/10/2023
Loading...It really depends on the map im playing or teammates' need, but mainly I use Lion on attack, great on map control, while in defense I mostly use Thorn. When I used to compete, my mains were Jackal on attack and Caveira on defense (both always banned atm LMAO)
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Dr1z@Dr1z• 13/10/2023
Loading...@wackU Yeh I feel that good choices tho
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Dr1z@Dr1z• 12/10/2023
Loading...Attach I used to play iana but now nades are gone I’ve transferred to finka, also love to play osa on some maps like chalet top floor window and ash for aggressive plays Defence I love to play mozzie for his gun ( who plays mozzie for drones anyway) and lesion and sometimes doc or castle when I want to play less aggressive