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Got my first FNC merch

suha's avatarsuha@suha02/04/2024

Got my first FNC merch

very excited to wear it to Berlin, it’s super cute

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Avatar for Luxikko
Luxikko@Luxikko• 05/04/2024
Loading...Oooh sheesh, id buy one if i could
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Efe@Efe• 04/04/2024
Loading...Why its colour looks so faded
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suha@suha• 04/04/2024
Loading...@Efe It’s a light / blush pink colour!
Avatar for w_isha
w_isha@w_isha• 03/04/2024
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TKModerator@AdamTKWallace• 02/04/2024
Loading...Nice one! 🧡