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Help black or white?

Rayo's avatarRayo@Rayo23/05/2024

Help black or white?

I can’t seem to make up my mind and choose one 😭

Do I go for black or white?

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SecarePioneer Key Holder@Secare• 27/05/2024
Loading...Depends on what would fit well with your set up But I prefer black
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A@lostportfolio• 26/05/2024
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tootssss@tootssss• 26/05/2024
Loading...I’d go for black!
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Loading...@tootssss Hey
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xhdiwbw@xhdiwbw• 26/05/2024
Loading...I love the black but the white looks 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨
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qeurpwm@qeurpwm• 26/05/2024
Loading...Black all the way
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Rayo@Rayo• 26/05/2024
Loading...@qeurpwm 😭😭😭 majority is saying white
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haarrray@haarrray• 26/05/2024
Loading...White definitely
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Rayo@Rayo• 26/05/2024
Loading...@haarrray Bet white it is
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mopsi@mopsi• 26/05/2024
Loading...So I think white looks better and I think that its not so chunky but maybe it is to bright for you? I still like it!
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Rayo@Rayo• 26/05/2024
Loading...@mopsi Yeah im scared of it being too bright cause everything i have is black but everyone is saying white
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Loading...Black 100%
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Rayo@Rayo• 26/05/2024
Loading...@purrriiiiiii Is your setup black? Cause mine is and i was wondering if i should get an accent piece
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nimra0901@nimra0901• 26/05/2024
Loading...White looks prettier and more aesthetic
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Rayo@Rayo• 26/05/2024
Loading...@nimra0901 The majority of the votes are for white, ill get the white one then 😤
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dngo@dngo• 26/05/2024
Loading...I love the style of the white one more?! But its ur choice haha
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Rayo@Rayo• 26/05/2024
Loading...@dngo I can’t decide that is why, i like the white one a lot as well 🥺
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Loading...Black trust me White is flashing you whilst playing
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Rayo@Rayo• 26/05/2024
Loading...@flo-der-echte Damn what, i haven’t thought of this
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Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 25/05/2024
Loading...Black its better fornme
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Rayo@Rayo• 25/05/2024
Loading...@CATXALOTE You mean the colour or the size of it
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Loading...Black, it can go with anything
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Rayo@Rayo• 25/05/2024
Loading...@grasskiriku Tytyty it’s 3-2 till now for white 🤣
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Loading...I have the black and it’s a nice keyboard but the keyboard isn’t the best if you have smaller hands. I found myself accidentally pressing a lot of keys while gaming which caused a lot of issues.
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Rayo@Rayo• 24/05/2024
Loading...@HighExpectAsian :o omg tysm yes i have small hands as well🤣
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mYsTeRiO@mYsTeRiO• 24/05/2024
Loading...White ist better !
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Rayo@Rayo• 24/05/2024
Loading...@ZaunkoenigFPS 2 votes for white then!
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Pil0t@Pil0t• 24/05/2024
Loading...Id personally go black as it's more neutral and matches with a lot of different colour combo's but that's more my personal style as well
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Rayo@Rayo• 24/05/2024
Loading...@Pil0t I usually go for black as well but that white one was speaking to me and i am unsure whether to change from black or not 😭
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SirSvtPioneer Key Holder@SirSvt• 23/05/2024
Loading...I‘d go for white. It’s on my list for my next keyboard
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Rayo@Rayo• 23/05/2024
Loading...@SirSvt Ohh thank you Do you currently have black and want to change??