AllProductsHi Product dev team! πŸ‘‹

Hi Product dev team! πŸ‘‹

nmdc's avatarnomadic@nmdcβ€’ 19/04/2024

Hi Product dev team! πŸ‘‹

Had an amazing chat with a fnatic employee on the way back from tonight's watchparty!

Was super interested in fnatics product dev and qa and was amazed by the level of detail the team go to in the process!

Was recommended to reach out here to maybe chat to one of the team members? I've got 5 yrs background in QA and testing, for development of electrical products.

I wouldn't want to miss the chance to see if I could bring anything to fnatic myself!


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StuOfficial@StuB• 21/04/2024
Loading...Seen it! We will make sure someone reaches out!
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nomadic@nmdc• 21/04/2024
Loading...@StuB Tysm! 😁
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Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 20/04/2024
Loading...Good luck bro and I hope they see this message
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nomadic@nmdc• 20/04/2024
Loading...@CATXALOTE Thanks man!