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MSI Jersey restock

iNekiii's avatariNekiii@iNekiii05/05/2024

MSI Jersey restock

So i wanted to get the 2024 Jersey but the only available sizes are either too small or too big for me.

Does anyone know (out of experience) if they'll restock it?

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Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 09/05/2024
Loading...You can activate a notify and you will get one on your email when they restock
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iNekiii@iNekiii• 09/05/2024
Loading...@CATXALOTE Yes, i alreqdy did that. Thank you!
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XavientOfficial@Xavient• 07/05/2024
Loading...Hey - sorry you weren’t able to pick up the Jersey. We’re always reviewing stock levels and should have a new batch available in the next couple of days, keep an eye out!
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iNekiii@iNekiii• 08/05/2024
Loading...@Xavient Thanks for the reply! I'll definetly keep an eye open!