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Buying a Fnatic mousepad. Which one should I get?

xKintu's avatarxKintu@xKintu13/06/2024

Buying a Fnatic mousepad. Which one should I get?

Hey, I’m buying a mousepad but I don’t know whether I should get the Jet or the Dash. I primarily want with ever has the lower friction and offers more speed so lmk your opinions. Also I can’t get the Dash2 or Focus3 bc I only have a $40 Usd budget.

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snaKeye@snaKeye• 02/07/2024
Loading...Dash xl is best i guess
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wackUCitizen Key Holder@wackU• 13/06/2024
Loading...I got the Dash XL a few months ago, it still looks amazing, absolutely 100% recommended 🙌🏻
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xKintu@xKintu• 13/06/2024
Loading...@wackU I’ve already ordered the Jet L. Thoug if I’m bot fond of it within months of using it then I’ll for sure get the dash
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Tijana | FnaticOfficial@Tijana• 13/06/2024
Loading...Well, Jet is a low-friction mousepad with focus on the speed, so you won't make any mistakes there 😎
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xKintu@xKintu• 13/06/2024
Loading...@Tijana I ordered it. I never realized that there were control and speed pads. So for my first speed pad I’m glad it’ll be Fantic’s
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BabsCitizen Key Holder@Babs• 13/06/2024
Loading...I have the jet and I love it!
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xKintu@xKintu• 13/06/2024
Loading...@Babs I looked more into and ordered it earlier