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Why are Fnatic skins picked so rarely?

Why are Fnatic skins picked so rarely?

As a Fnatic fan I always appreciate seeing the Fnatic skins being picked by pro players. Throughout the years, I realised, that the Fnatic skins are really unpopular especially amongst Fnatic pros and therefore seldomly picked.

I have to admit, some of them are uninspiring (Fnatic Corki, I am looking at you!) and cannot keep up with today's skinlines in terms of effects and visuals. But maybe there are other/additional reasons, why you don't opt in to play them? If so, which?

Bonus question to Wunder:

Can you play one game of Fnatic Gragas for me? 😇

Thank you in advance!

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Loading...Sorry If I did not make it clear: My question (minus the bonus question) is directed at all of our players.