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MrAw3som3_GERPioneer Key Holder
Loading...Aye dear fellow Fnatics, do any of you plan on visiting the LEC season finals in Munich this year? Me and another black & orange friend got tickets for the event and I am mega hyped already. Hoping to meet some of you over there!
MrAw3som3_GERPioneer Key Holder
Loading...Unfortunately cannot travel to Berlin this weekend, I'm just here to tell everyone that I know Colin personally and you do not have to fear getting scammed. I vouch for him. Best of luck in getting the tickets to fellow Fnatics on here. The more black and orange people to cheer us to a 5-0 start the better.
MrAw3som3_GERPioneer Key Holder
Loading...@hunie The right one (from Anda Seat) is the one I use. It is really comfortable and has a high quality (resulting in a higher price). My guests sit on the old DX Racer model (on the left). Have been looking for a few years to find a good offer (reasonable price / shipping available / still decent looking) - finally got the DXRACER for my guests two weeks ago. If you plan to buy one good luck. 🫡
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Fnatic Chair???
MrAw3som3_GERPioneer Key Holder
Loading...This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them. ![82633f4a-f57f-4da9-bd13-cd14e767e3fd.jpeg](
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Fnatic Chair???
MrAw3som3_GERPioneer Key Holder
Loading...Web development for an agency in Germany. You being a chef is kinda cool. Can imagine all the delicious meals. 🤤