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MrAw3som3_GERPioneer Key Holder
@MrAw3som3_GERlast Monday at 7:19 PM
Loading...As Deilor with Deilor 2016-10-03 ![2016-03-10 19.06.11.jpg]( Febiven's reaction xD ![2016-03-10 19.07.59.jpg](
MrAw3som3_GERPioneer Key Holder
Loading...I have a few suggestions: 1. New pants with zipper pockets and Fnatic lettering on the leg [similar to the ones from World Finals 2018]( (I can't wear them without and won't buy) 2. Knee-length shorts with zipper pockets [in black and orange with our logo of course]( 3. Zip-jackets (e.g. [one like this big boy is wearing]( but with new branding) 4. Zip hoodies ([example]( ) 5. A collection to celebrate the greatest victories of the organization [e.g. 1st World Championship in LoL] - [could for example include a remake of our Worlds season 1 jackets]( Generally speaking, I miss the old days of Fnatic merchandise, where we had options to look like a cheesy esport fan - if we had the urge to. Most of the newer stuff is looking really bland. I know that a lot of people like it, so I don't want to argue to remove it. But I would like to have a section where the ones like me have their choice as well. 😉I also support other suggestions in this thread, but instead of just naming them again, I upvoted them. PS.: I know it does not fall into the category of this thread, but I am still interested in seeing the birth of wireless headphones/a wireless headset of Fnatic GEAR.
MrAw3som3_GERPioneer Key Holder
Loading...Sorry If I did not make it clear: My question (minus the bonus question) is directed at all of our players.
MrAw3som3_GERPioneer Key Holder
Loading...As a Fnatic fan I always appreciate seeing the Fnatic skins being picked by pro players. Throughout the years, I realised, that the Fnatic skins are really unpopular especially amongst Fnatic pros and therefore seldomly picked. I have to admit, some of them are uninspiring (Fnatic Corki, I am looking at you!) and cannot keep up with today's skinlines in terms of effects and visuals. But maybe there are other/additional reasons, why you don't opt in to play them? If so, which? Bonus question to Wunder: Can you play one game of Fnatic Gragas for me? 😇 **Thank you in advance!**