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Loading...@cArn Hey there, since fnatic now has to basically rebuild the CS2 roster since losing to mezii automatically means you guys lose the automatic RMR invite and now have to blast through the open qualifiers, would you guys be willing to actually be willing to make investments like you said on twitter "We will not rest in this mission and know this will require investment, which we’re prepared and ready to make."? If so, is it fine if I suggest some people that you guys could consider gambling on? (no disrespect to some of the members currently but this is just how I think it should be for the potential long term.), suggestions below: For some potential new recruits, would you guys consider CYPHER from TSM, AZUWU from Endpoint, gla1ve (now his image hasn't exactly been great lately to be frank but his experience might still be very valuable), Thomas as an alternative to gla1ve if you're not willing to go after him, and MATYS from Sampi (if he's willing to leave) as potential options? And a new coach? Kuben's on the market right now and could be very valuable to go after right now. Especially how he was likely a heavy factor of Apeks making it to the semifinals of the Paris Major, plus his years of experience with Polish Virtus.Pro. Edit: and lastly, no real disrespect to the man but I don't think Samuelsson has done a great job in managing the CS team. Would you guys reconsider him at some point?