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Will Sammuelson, Carn and his core team take responsibility?

enestee's avatarenestee@enestee17/02/2024

Will Sammuelson, Carn and his core team take responsibility?

Stop managing CS Roster moves and actually bring a proven coach and manager and let them bring top tier players?

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magrob@magrob• 23/02/2024
Loading...Let’s win something in 2025👀
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Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 20/02/2024
Loading...CS team is doomed asour chances to became again a top tier team on CS2
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JM1407@JM1407• 17/02/2024
Loading...I like that Sam and Carn and Samu answered of the start of the app and now they are hiding more and more.
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Lars89Citizen Key Holder@Lars89• 20/02/2024
Loading...@JM1407 They only answered the easiest questions. Looking at the AMA they never answered the most difficult questions about the failure of the last 4-5 years.
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Loading...A significant number of captains have changed and several rosters have been reshuffled, but the mistakes remain the same: the map pool remains unchanged year after year (at best, 1-2 maps are functional). No matter who the AWPer is, they will inevitably drop below a 1.0 rating because Keita insists that every AWPer must focus on support and adopt a passive style. Tactical errors persist unchanged. I refuse to believe that all the captains who came to Fnatic had the same mistakes that are never fixed, but perhaps it's finally time to realize that the issue lies with the coach. It's high time to understand that the system Keita builds in games DOES NOT WORK.
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enestee@enestee• 17/02/2024
Loading...@qqqqqusssss Niccodoz didn't dropped below 1.00. He had like 1.10+ rating on big events when he was on fnatic. It's the management who changed him even when he was the best player in fnatic over 3 poor performing 29 year olds
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Loading...@qqqqqusssss @enestee Nevertheless, I still believe that the change in playstyle after joining Fnatic affected his game. He wasn't as consistent during matches as before, but yes, I agree, nicoodoz was the better option.
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Lars89Citizen Key Holder@Lars89• 17/02/2024
Loading...I just want open communication and they do something with their management. Why didn’t they invest into cs2 unlike the my said otherwise. Why didn’t they listen to the community when signing bodyy. Why kicking nicoodoz when he was the best performing player at that time. We are on a downwards spiral for like 4-5 years. Something has to happen because multiple roster didn’t do us well. It’s not acceptable anymore for a fan perspective.
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Lars89Citizen Key Holder@Lars89• 17/02/2024
Loading...@Lars89 There is no communication from Sam, Samuelson nor Carn on this matter. It’s always the same line. We think this will do best, or we’ll try hard bext time, same PR lines. We need fnatic to be open about their ocmmunication.
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Loading...The team isn't even all that bad. Keita's the real issue. Xizt exists, get him on the team, he has an actual track record as a coach.
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L0sty@L0sty• 17/02/2024
Loading...@PsychoLogical25 No its not bad Its mediocre There is not a single player on that team that can stand up and drop a 25 bomb at any point ever There is no one making any plays They win with 5 players between 80-100 adr And they lose with 5 players 70-80 adr Mediocrity at its best
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Loading...@PsychoLogical25 agree
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1VieTCoNg@1VieTCoNg• 17/02/2024
Loading...Get new management system, OUR AWPERS KEEP BEING TRASH AFTER A MONTH; Jackinho, poizon, smooya, nicoodoz, and now afro…
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Lockah@Lockah• 17/02/2024
Loading...Shall i quote . We will look into it , and come back stronger . #always fnatic . Same shit for years , nothing changes
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L0sty@L0sty• 17/02/2024
Loading...@Lockah Every single time lol Im convinced they wont even change your wording
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[deleted]@[deleted]• 17/02/2024
Loading...@Lockah translation: we WONT change anything about our management at all and will sign some rookies or some 30 year olds who left their prime ages ago, and we will play even worse #always fnatic
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DrMonka@DrMonka• 17/02/2024
Loading...Time to avoid the question and give 0 about it
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Loading... my prediction and the result was revealed too early. I predicted april but It's february now
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JM1407@JM1407• 17/02/2024
Loading...They will do nothing , they will say the same words over and over again and just do nothing . Right now its a shame to be a fnatic Fan especially Sam who is changing zero , zero Management changes , we still have keita, we still have a astronomical wage for krimz and we still have zero hope for now 6 years straight . You cant expect anything from Sam or Carn or anyone else they are chilling and taking the money they get . In a real world where a organization is viewed on what you have done , all of them would be fired but idk why Sam is still trusting them and is doing nothing
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mrwildeCitizen Key Holder@MrW1lde• 17/02/2024
Loading...they will dodge the question like the have been since 2020