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Loading...Can one of Sammathews / Carn / Samuelsson / Rossr dare to go to a show like HLTV Confirmed and defend the roster changes that you made in the last 1 year? Stop hiding in fnatic app...
Loading...At this point @sam @cArn just retire from managing fnatic or disband cs2
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Loading...https://twitter.com/FNATIC/status/1720062672274673807 With this move, our focus turns to what's next for Fnatic CS2, for which we’ve not had the best start. We have significant ambitions in CS2 and have a lot of work ahead of us to build a world-class roster that can reach the absolute top. **We will not rest in this mission and know this will require investment, which we’re prepared and ready to make. **We are working with the central teams who work across our top Valorant and League rosters, to support these efforts as we seek a replacement and begin the path of upgrading our roster in the coming months. **Where is the investment though? 6 months since that tweet and fnatic is in its worst condition ever**