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A passionate Valorant player and I love to watch FNATIC play


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Loading...@Lars89 I totally agree with you here. I think it is not necessary for a team to win everything to keep most of their fans but just giving a promise after promise and still nothing really changes without clear communication on what exactly is going on is something where fans will stop supporting the org. I don't need fanatic to win major after major but at least try to give us good Counter Strike on the big stages.
Loading...@Dr1z You think I started watching CS eSport yesterday? Only because I said I come from Valorant does not mean I have no knowledge about CS eSport... I started playing CS at the beginning of like 2022 and since then I am watching and following the eSport scene. And to be clear here even though I would hope it would be that way I am not expecting to see CS fnatic perform the same way as Valorant fnatic does but at least somewhat compete with other T1 teams would be good
Loading...I came from Valorant to CS and figured why not watch and support my favourite team from Valorant in CS but as it turns out this team is shit in CS. I 100% agree with you on the problem with lack of communication regarding the CS team and that is really sad 😢 I feel like FNATIC officials did not notice that FNATIC CS team is washed and still are thinking they are the best in the world only because they have FNATIC written on their jersey. How did any FNATIC official really think that this roaster could get anywhere near qualifying for the major. I am really sad to see that a team I really love in Valorant and which is constantly performing on a high level there can be this bad in CS where they once were as good as in Valorant today but for some reason the org just doesn't give a shit about the CS team.
Loading...Just got my crest joggers last week and Holy shit they are comfortable! I can't stop wearing them. So if you are looking to buy joggers and want to support our favourite team this is perfect.
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