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Fnatic since 28th Apr 2023

I'm known as Ash, I use any pronouns and you can often find me active in many twitch chats <3
If you see this I hope you're having an amazing day, and if you're not then I hope it improves! :D


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VCT Masters Shanghai
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19 Years
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Loading...@Vikingr Yeah, unfortunately some people out there either just don't care or can't be bothered to try and understand 😔
Loading...I had no idea this was happening until I saw your comments and frankly, as a member of both this community and the lgbtqia+, I too am extremely disappointed. I watch a lot of sport and the horrific sportswashing from Saudi in particular is very noticeable there, and I am so saddened to see that it has reached into E-Sports too :( I certainly won't be watching any events taking place there, as I did for the Qatar Football World Cup. Thank you for making me aware of this, I really had no idea :)
Loading...Minecraft probably - there's so much to do, but Little Nightmares would be amazing too...