2022 Fnatic Birthday Jersey, Orange

Exclusive access for Pioneer.

Fnatic Pioneers, please claim your Fnatic jersey!

Fnatic jerseys available for the claim:
- 2021 Pro Jersey - regular or custom named
- 2022 Pro Jersey - regular or custom named
- Orange Birthday Pro Jersey - customisation not available

You can claim 1 jersey if you have one Pioneer key. If a member owns multiple Pioneer keys, the maximum of jersey claims per member is 2. You can claim 1 jersey per order, please place multiple orders in order to claim various jerseys.

Certain portion of the stock is ready to ship at the warehouse.
Once that quantity is shipped out, the new orders will be set as pre-orders and we will fulfill the pre-orders starting from 31.10.2022.

Please be aware that sponsor logos and their position can vary.