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Fnatic has the best fans in the world, and once again that was proven by the breath-taking designs submitted by all of you! Out of hundreds of submissions, we selected a few and put them to a community vote. Tyron Blanc is one of the lucky winners, and we couldn't be more thrilled to make his vision a reality!

Checkout Tyron Blanc on Twitter & Behance. The artist receives commission on top of a flat fee for their designs.

This item is a pre-order, items will be manufactured and dispatched after 31st of October 2021. This will take around 1-2 weeks.

The model is 181cm and is wearing size M.

  • 100% lightweight organic cotton
  • Climate neutral with 90% reduced carbon footprint
  • Fair-Wear, Vegan and GOTS accredited
  • Iron and wash inside out on a cold cycle
  • Do not tumble dry
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Tyron BlancArtist

FNATIC, what can I say about this organisation...Besides being an incredible organisation with a monstrous history, it is quite simply the cutting edge of stylistic refinement in esports. To be able to pretend to add its stone to this monstrous edifice was for me a dream since FNATIC was able to rock my competitive spirit over the years. Winning this competition means a lot to me: I have always supported FNATIC as a fan and today it is the fans of FNATIC who supported me and brought me to victory. It's a very special feeling. I will always be grateful for that. #alwaysfnatic

Tyron BlancArtist

The "Fnatinkowski" concept stems directly from two distinct passions: Physics and Fnatic. Through this concept, I wanted to play with the famous FNATIC acronym "ALWAYS FNATIC" with the recurrent use of "Then, now, always". Minkowski's concept of space-time highlights the propagation of time relative to space. On the vertical axis (ordinate) we observe time and on the horizontal axis (abscissa) space. By combining this concept with FNATIC we obtain : Past = Then, Present = Now, Future = Always. It is an allegory and a metaphor to show the presence of FNATIC, and its timeless aspect: "ALWAYS FNATIC".