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Kayleigh Wordley

My name is Kayleigh Wordley, better known online as KayWordley or just Kay and I’m a content creator for FNATIC. I’m 26 years old and based in Liverpool, UK. I have been streaming for around 8 years and have been focused on FPS/Esports type games for the majority of it, as of right now VALORANT has my heart. My whole life I grew up around my brother and friends playing PlayStation and XBOX occasionally which was always a lot of fun but I really found my spark and got into gaming more myself when I discovered PC gaming.


I started casual streaming in 2015 after learning to build my own pc and being surrounded by content creator friends whenever I visited London, believe it or not the first game I streamed was Minecraft! This continued to be a casual thing until Twitch released an affiliate programme and with my already wonderful community I genuinely started to believe in myself making it more of a career. I switched over to games like Overwatch, Rainbow 6 and a bunch of other games throughout the years but got Partnered playing Among Us not long after my birthday in 2020! By this time Valorant was fairly new, it wasn't anything like the other FPS games I was used to and the challenge felt scary. I didn't want my stream to have to struggle watching my terrible gameplay but it was also refreshing to have something new to test my gaming skills. Although I still love mixing it up with some variety, FPS has always been my chosen category and I want to be the voice and face for other women to look to in such a male dominated space.

I feel like my amazing community has created such a safe space for everyone to feel included and happy, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without them. That is also why valorant and the valorant community has genuinely become my happy place and one I treasure very much, they are so inclusive. I’m now signed as FNATIC’s official watch party host and honoured to have made so many amazing friends along the way, and also finally become a diamond player. But we are still just getting started.


  • My community is known as the sunflowers as sunflowers are bright and beautiful and they look towards the sun, or as I like to say, the bright side - and when the sun goes down they look to each other, and my whole community feel like one big family so this means a lot to me.
  • I’ve peaked as a diamond player on valorant but also peaked Plat on Rainbow 6 Siege.
  • If I had never started streaming I would have been studying Law in University.
  • I have 2 cats, Mika and Sai.
  • I used to do Gymnastics, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Dance and Boxing before I started streaming.


2015: Started streaming

2018: Got Affiliate

2020: Got Partnered

2022: Joined FNATIC