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My name is Kevin, also known as OMG_Kevz and I’m a content creator for FNATIC Network. I’m 29 years old and based in Manchester, UK but I’m originally from Northern Ireland that’s why I’ve got a funny accent! I am naturally a competitive person and I always work hard to be the best. That’s why I’m a huge sports fan! Anything from football, boxing, UFC and even snooker! I am also a huge foodie and I’ll try anything.


I started streaming 4 years ago and ever since I’ve been hooked. The first game I streamed was League of Legends (Best Zilean main EUW btw!) and then I eventually moved over to FPS games with Apex Legends being my first game on mouse and keyboard. In 2020, I decided I wanted to do something even bigger. One of my favourite activities is going to the movies, but because of covid we couldn’t go. Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own movie! I created my first green screen movie called “Bring Me Back To Life,” which was a movie based on one superhuman (aka me) who decided to take on the evil prime minister and save the world from ending. It was a huge success and I created a lot of memories and laughter for people. Shortly after I was introduced to Valorant (a new FPS game made by RIOT Game) and I was addicted. I decided to host and cast my first ever tournament called the “BAP Invitational” which was a community tournament giving a full esports production. This evolved into many other tournaments such as “BAP Champions, OMG Rivals, GIGABap League and The Immortal Sensei” which still exists to this day!


  • My community is known as the “The BAP Squad.” The name came from an incident in one of my green screen movies where my sound effects weren’t working and so I had to improvise and make gun noises myself “BAP, BAP, BAP!” I have such a caring community and I’m extremely lucky to have them!
  • I peaked Ascendant in Valorant, Masters in Apex and Diamond in League of Legends.
  • I’ve raised over 5.5k for various charity from streaming
  • I’ve hosted/produced and casted 7 Valorant tournaments in the last four years
  • I have a Masters degree in Marketing
  • I played in the Irish Championship in Snooker/Pool when I was 19.
  • I work a full time job in social media



2019: Started Streaming

2019: Got Affiliate

2022: Joined Fnatic Network

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