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Giorgio Calandrelli

Giorgio “Pow3r” Calandrelli is an Italian creator talent who plays Warzone and Fortnite. Previously a Fortnite pro player, Pow3r is the biggest esports and gaming talent in Italy and was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 (2019). In 2020 he won European Twitch Rivals.


Signed to Fnatic

2018 was the year it all began for POW3R’s journey in Fnatic. Coming from a career in Call of Duty, POW3R switched to Fortnite as the game began gaining popularity. Competing in multiple Fortnite Summer Skirmishes, Giorgio placed very competitive and established his name in the Italian Fortnite scene.


Fortnite Skirmish

In 2019, POW3R partnered up with Jarl and played many Fortnite tournaments across Europe.

1 year and more to come <3 thanks for what you've done for me! once a fnatic always a fnatic
- Giorgio Calandrelli

Pow3r Origine

An origin story documentary that explores the intimate detail of Giorgio "POW3R" Calandrelli atomic rise in the Italian streaming scene. In this piece will cover the details of Pow3rs pro career, the harrowing story of his personal life and struggles he overcame to solidify himself as one of the largest streamers in Italy.

Watch the full documentary here.


La prima maglietta di POW3R X Fnatic!

Made by Fnatic, designed with POW3R ⚡
In 2021, together we launched the first POW3R tshirt on our shop, made from 100% quality cotton!

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Joined Fnatic in




Gaming and esports influencer in Italy. Forbes 30 Under 30 (2019)

I’ve chosen this life, I matured in all these years, I’ve quit my job for pursuing this dream. And now after 3 years I’ve become the first italian to reach 1.000.000 followers.