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Hi Mini, Just wanted to get your view on our consistency at this comp? Feel we far eclipse these teams but seems like our performances seem to roller coaster. Is it pressure and playing live on stage?

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FNATIC miniOfficial@coachmini• 21/09/2022
Loading...Hey, it's a difficult question to answer so I'll give you several points to consider. 1. Expectations Our performance online was at a ridiculous level this year, to the point where it would be hard to keep up that level; especially in the pressure environments of a LAN. 2. Pressure I think that during Copenhagen we saw some of the pressure get to certain players so everything felt a little laboured or less in-sync. It also felt like this in the first two games of Champs against 100T and FURIA. We showed afterwards what our level could be in the rematch against 100T and in the TL game. Marcus works closely with the players on these areas but it takes time and experience. Going forward I would like to make adjustments to our in-game strategy to help with that (point 3 below). 3. In-game strategy Our in-game strategy this year was a little looser than what we saw at Champions 2021 (which was a more rigid protocol system). Our approach this year worked very well online, but I think at LAN it required our players to be able to make a lot of individual decisions in the heat of the moment; which is a lot to expect. Going forward, and with the help of an assistant coach (likely to be SLK), I would like to combine the two styles so we are more prepared for different situations. 4. Pearl I think we had a really strong map-pool this event, probably the best it has ever been, but we didn't show our Pearl in the best light. It was decent in practice but felt a little rigid on stage. If we add the elements I mention in point 3, I think it would help avoid a situation like it again. Overall I am proud of our year, especially with some of the behind-the-scenes things happening (like Derke's covid situation for example), but of course disappointed we didn't show our full potential. As for myself I think some of my approaches around game-planning and my improvement in tac-timeouts are things I am personally happy about. mini : )
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Loading...@coachmini Thanks for the reply Mini! Will be really weird offseason considering the franchising, be interesting to see where we end up! Best of luck!
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LahmPioneer Key Holder@Lahm• 15/09/2022
Loading...i'm not Mini (Or related to Fnatic in any way) but I like to weigh in on these Valorant topics anyway since they are far and few between. i feel like it was a tough meta change for Fnatic as a team with the addition of Pearl that all of EMEA seemed to struggle with leading to a difficult tournament. in saying that, our struggles still led to a top 6 finish which is amazing so i'm excited going into the 2023 kick-off tournament to see how the boys have adapted.
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Loading...@Lahm I would agree, but I don't think a top 6 finish was good enough for the team realistically. We were far better than DRX in that last series