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Dean WoodwardPioneer Key Holder
Loading...Bit of a question over the new coach, they didn't look prepared at all. Some poor individual performances, but big questions how KC looked in control for both maps, and don't see many if any improvements/changes from our setups last year!
Dean WoodwardPioneer Key Holder
Loading...@sam So you'd consider the last 9 months as improving? No coaching changes, signing tier 3 players, abject loses against teams ranked 26 and 27? Or do you see some form of improvement in the team? Acting like making a change 3 years after decline, then having another 9 months of decline is some kind of positive outcome is confusing. The team plays aimlessly with awful calls and set ups that make no sense, we get regularly out prepared by equally poor teams = Keita is still coach. Samuelson who was in charge for 3 years, somehow retains his role (in different capacity) after being replaced as he was clearly incapable. Does the team cohesion look any better? No he's still around the team It's honestly like you don't want to succeed
Dean WoodwardPioneer Key Holder
Loading...@Dr1z No? They've burned through 20 players, disbanded the academy who are now in better positions, all to end up with a team of tier 3 players. Why would you trust them to fix it after 4 years of progressive decline?