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Question for Sam - LoL team

Question for Sam - LoL team

Hi Sam, much love,

Quick question, there is yet another player today (Upset), who's coming out saying that Fnatic was the worst environment that he's worked in etc. After a few players in a row stating the same thing going as far back as Caps who left because of the management at the time.

Do we know why this is happening and does it worry you that we may lose out on players and talent in the future if this stigma (real or not) carries on? As a fan it seems very worrying, especially with all the investment fnatic has made into the team as well as performance coaches etc

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Fnatic SamOfficial@sam• 28/11/2022
Loading...The team atmosphere in fnatic is and remains very high in most instances. Caps left because Perkz convinced him about his project and that they would become a dominant team. It was not a management issue, of course we could have done more to secure him earlier, a valuable lesson. The community are quick to jump on comments of ex players who are disgruntled, but dont take into consideration the cause of why they might be disgruntled (being replaced). Ultimately the people who have been very happy in Fnatic, arent as noticeable or as loud because thats not news, for example people like Rekkles spoke very highly of his times in Fnatic, Hyllisang we part with on very good terms etc Of course we are also human and are prone to mistakes at times, but i would urge the community to understand that its not in Fnatics long term interest to come out in direct response to claims at any given comment on a stream or social… but it is in our best interest to do everything in our power to make fnatic the best possible place to play in order to win, which includes team atmosphere, facilities, and team mates.
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Finnlo1Pioneer Key Holder@Finnlo1• 29/11/2022
Loading...@sam Thanks for the insight Sam, stuff like this is really appreciated. And don't worry, we all write Hylissang's name wrong every now and then 😉
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Loading...@sam Thanks Sam, was just curious on your viewpoint. Especially as we know the community love to jump on gossip, and reddit/twitter/discord became very animated with the upset comments, and hylis management implication (could be out of context). I appreciate you commenting! #alwaysfnatic