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Could we please add Apex Legends into this app, that everybody can see the schedule and the results and probably dont miss the twitter of the players

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Avatar for Fnatic Sam
Fnatic SamOfficial@sam• 08/05/2023
Loading...Hey I wanted this as well. Unfortunately it’s not super easy as the tool we use doesn’t offer apex legend as a game. We’re looking for alternate routes.
Avatar for SkyShooter_HD
Loading...@sam Thx for the message, hopefully it will work anytime cause Apex Team doing a great job
Avatar for Davis
DavisCitizen Key Holder@Davissam• 08/05/2023
Loading...I think it’ll be done in the future when more ppl add apex to their favs maybe.
Avatar for EdmundcZp
EdmundcZpPioneer Key Holder@EdmundGchen• 06/05/2023
Loading...agree since I personaly really love our Apex department. They played so well in both the region and the global playoff. However adding the system can be difficult since uk there are 60teams.
Avatar for SkyShooter_HD
Loading...will not be done i guess