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Introducing Fnatic Apex Legends

Introducing Fnatic Apex Legends

Introducing Fnatic Apex Legends:

  • Meltstera
  • YukaF
  • MatsuTasu
  • Kamaneko (Coach)

Debuting July 7th, ALGS Championship, Raleigh.

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Avatar for Ruka
Ruka@Rukafps• 06/10/2023
Loading...Hope they come back 2024
Avatar for Keniwann
Keniwann@Keniwann• 06/10/2023
Loading...Hope they will come back in 2024
Avatar for Royall
Royall@Royall• 16/07/2023
Avatar for Davis
DavisCitizen Key Holder@Davissam• 08/05/2023
Avatar for Alex Sérgio Alves Passos
Loading...quero fazer parte do projeto de vc porque eu tenho muito interesse
Avatar for M3tr1c_TTV
M3tr1c_TTV@M3tr1c• 02/08/2022
Loading...I'm gonna say it YakaF played really well in ALGS