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Loading...![Twitter.png]( **Our League team is hosting a __Worlds AMA - presented by Chillblast__ before flying out!** :hype: They will answer all of your questions in our AMA! :fnatic: When: **Thursday, 22nd September, at 19:30 CEST** :fnatic: Where: [** Instagram**]( :fnatic: Who: - 🔝 Wunder - Toplane [Twitter]( [Twitch]( - 🌴 Razork - Jungle [Twitter]( [Twitch]( - 🏹 Upset - ADC [Twitter]( [Twitch]( - 🛡️Hylissang - Support [Twitter]( [Twitch]( - 🕴️ Shaves - Assistant Coach [Twitter]( - 🧠 Sens - Performance Coach [Twitter]( - 👔 Dardo - Team Director [Twitter]( - 👔 JustRoss - Team Manager [Twitter]( :fnatic: Your host: - 🎥 Swallaspaa aka Pete [Twitter]( [Twitch]( ⚠️Please make sure to direct all of your questions to someone! *Unfortunately both Yamato and Humanoid won't be able to attend due to travel issues and sickness respectively.
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Loading...![e0a66d9f878585b0c94fe3ad30356fd4.jpg]( **Our entire CS squad is in London for a bootcamp!** :hype: We will answer all of your questions in our AMA! :fnatic: When: **Friday, 19th August, at 12 PM BST** :fnatic: Where: [**Official Discord Server**]( :fnatic: Who: - Mezii (IGL) - roeJ (Rifler) - KRIMZ (Rifler) - FASHR (Rifler) - nicoodoz (AWP) - Keita (Strategic Coach) - Kevve (Assistant Coach) - Samme (Team Director) - cArn (CGO, Chief Gaming Officer) ⚠️Please make sure to direct all of your questions to someone!
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Loading...![FZZLcASXgAAfgvP.jpg]( **We have completed our CS:GO Pro Squad!** :fnatic: Read more about it [HERE]( - Mezii (IGL) - KRIMZ (Rifler) - nicoodoz (AWP) - roeJ (Rifler) - FASHR (Rifler) Discuss the roster update below 👇
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Loading...![Giveaway.png]( **Join us in Copenhagen!** Win free tickets for you and your friend for all 3 live dates of VCT Masters in Copenhagen! 🧡 - Friday, 22nd July - Saturday, 23rd July - Sunday, 24th July **Just tell us why you and your friend want to come!** You have until midnight today to enter! (23:59 PM BST) #ALWAYSFNATIC :fnatic: ➡️ [Terms&Conditions]( *Note: 'The Winners are solely responsible for all costs associated with attending the VCT Masters Live event in Copenhagen including all travel, travel insurance, food and drink, and accommodation.'
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Loading...![2022 Summer Riot Media Day-089.jpg]( **EVENT DETAILS:** 📍 Riot Studios, Berlin 📆 LEC Summer Split WK4 **FNATIC LINEUP:** - WUNDER - RAZORK - HUMANOID - UPSET - HYLISSANG **RESULTS:** MATCH 1: FNC vs. MSF - LOSS MATCH 2: FNC vs. VIT - LOSS ____________________________________________________________________ Discuss anything and everything WK4-related here! Have questions for this week's '**INSIDE LA FORMULA**' for the team? Drop them below and @Swallaspaa will pick the best to ask! 🧡