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Fnatic APAC-N Champion !!!!

Franky's avatarFrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky10/03/2024

Fnatic APAC-N Champion !!!!

Congratulations to YukaF, Satuki, Lykq, and MUSCLE who dominated the APAC North and are champions of the region despite a rough final day. The rest of the split was incredible.

Congratulations again and good luck for the first Major!

おめでとうございます、YukaF、satuki、Lykq、そしてMUSCLEさん。APAC Nを圧倒し、地域のチャンピオンに輝きました。最終日は不調でしたが、それ以外の期間は素晴らしかったですね。改めて、おめでとうございます!初めてのメジャーに向けて、幸運を祈っています!

(in Japanese, just in case the Apex players come by)

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CROSSYCitizen Key Holder@CROSSY_UK• 10/03/2024