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A new PC

CATXALOTE's avatarCatxalote@CATXALOTE22/04/2024

A new PC

Hey guys, I'm looking for a new PC and I want it to be Chillblast. Could you tell me which one you think is the best value for money?

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AzraelModerator@Azrael• 22/04/2024
Loading...It kinda depends on what you want to do with it. For gaming only, I recommand goign for "only" ryzen5/i5. If you want to stream or do some editing, ryzen 7/i7 is what you want. You have to look for the serie too. Regarding gpu, basically the higher the number, the better it is. For gaming, mid range budget, I'd recommand going for a XX70 from nvidia. In the Fnatic chillblast range, the contender has no gpu so I wouldn't recommand it if you want to play recent games. With a "low" budget I'd say go for ryzen as they usually are a bit better quality/price then intel. But intel are also usually more powerful for the same range of product (i5/ryzen 5 for exampe). Here I would recommand the pioneer or the one with ryzen 5/rtx4060. For a higher budget I'd say go for champion. Conqueror/vanquisher/immortal are def for big budget which might not be your case. With all of this said, I think the best value is the champion, versatility and durability. If it's too expensive go for the pioneer.