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An old Fnatic Fan, LoL, CSGO, Valorant. French and bad at video games.
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Loading...@FNATIC-Adrian This is smart, never though of it like that. Will change my battle plan accordingly. Maybe getting a noise cancelling headset would do the job against 10 smalls wunders, but it'll probably be a harder fight as you can't hear them coming from behind.
Loading...So Adrian asked me to do the question of the day for once, so I came up with a totally serious question, which I seemingly can't find a good answer for : Would you rather fight a Wunder sized duck or 10 duck sized Wunder ? Why, and what is your battle plan ? Pros and cons of each situation ? How many participant could you fight in each battle ? Let's assume we're talking of an average mallard for the duck size, 90cm wingspan, 50cm long, 1.3kg. Yes this is totally serious. Or maybe not. Who knows ? ![Capture.PNG](